Today's environment is highly polluted. Hybrid variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals, improper habits of food intake, fast food, uses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, artificial cold drinks, intake of synthetic drugs and medicines, non standard bakery products, lack of physical exercise and many more reasons are there to decrease the body's resistance power and making it more prone to diseases.

The above environment starts showing its effects on human body at an early stage. Anaemia, obesity, diabetes, cancer, ulcer, ageing, joint pain, gynaec and sexual problems, indigestion and acidity, piles and with all these, mental stress starts building up unhealthy relationship with our beloved ones and of course with our community.

"Protect Nature, Go with Nature and then, You will be protected by Nature."

To be fit and fine, a complete diet and regular exercise is a must. Nature has produced different varieties of plants, which are able to nourish every organism on earth. The 'seven days' old wheatgrass plant consists of all essential salts, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and a large quantity of chlorophyll.

"Our food is our medicine and our Medicine is our Food", said Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine.

Dr. Ann Wigmore is respected as the one who established the benefits of Wheatgrass. She very soon recovered from a longstanding problem with Colitis, which had been medically untreatable. Then she started treating people with chronic degenerative diseases including cancer using Wheatgrass along with 'green raw food' diet.

Dr. Ann Wigmore has referred to chlorophyll as the "Blood of the Plant" as the chemical composition of chlorophyll and heamoglobin is remarkably similar. Chlorophyll aids in rebuilding the blood stream. This therapy is widely used in U.S.A., Japan, Germany and many other countries.